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About Us

Artist, stylist, designer... Dimitri De Wachter's skills are legendary.

Born as the son of hairdressers, Dim grew up in a creative environment where style and good taste were well represented.

After graduating as a professional hairdresser, Dim built his career in the fashion industry.

He did international shows, inspired others through courses and worked for well-known brands and salons.

He was the enthusiastic representative of our country at many international fairs.

All these unique experiences make Dim the man he is today: a man who, supported by his love Devi-Shri Vancoillie, is ready to share his good taste and talent.

Sculpt & Victory exhibits this good taste by offering a new experience.

Located in the same building as the Be-Angeled Private Shop, Sculpt & Victory is a chic Private Shop for men where you can get dressed and styled at the same time.

Looking for a tailor-made suit or affordable fashion?

Then Sculpt & Victory is the place for you.


The Sculpt & Victory suits are made by the best and most exclusive costume makers.

In addition, we only work with the best materials available, such as superfine wool, cashmere, linen and silk for the suits on the one hand and the finest Italian wrinkle-free cotton for the shirts on the other.

We ensure that you look your best at an affordable price.

Behind every great man stands Sculpt & Victory, just as Be-Angeled stands behind every elegant woman.

Your story in our suit

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