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How it works

Get Inspired

A couple dressed by Be-Angeled and Sculpt & Victory clothing

Sculpt & Victory has many options to choose from style, colour and fabric.

Just make sure that you'll know what you like and we will guide you through the selection process.

 Inspiration guide

Take a rendevue

Old phone

You can call or mail us to make an appointment two (or more) months before you need the suit. Suits can be ready within 6-10 weeks.

+32(0)477 52 50 87

info@sculptandvictory. com

The moment

The atelier where the Sculpt & Victory suits are made

We will help you to choose the perfect fabric, there are many options.

You can choose the collar, inside linings and other details .

You’ll have the opportunity to personalise your suit to make it unique.

When you have chosen your favorites we’ll do the measuring.

       Your story in our suit !

The Fitting

A client trying on his Sculpt & Victory suit

The moment has come to try on your suit.

Minor alterations can still be done if necessary.

Tie or bowtie? Suspenders or belt? 

We have the perfect accessories to complete your look.

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